We are in charge of the project and the construction of the gardens of a 5 * hotel located on Playa de Palma.

The project is composed of different green areas, each one with unique characteristics. The design, taken together, proposes an exclusive style that highlights the architecture and characteristics of the hotel.

The property wisely wanted a sustainable vegetation with low water needs and Mediterranean character, combined with some points of tropical environment as a requirement requested and appreciated by customers.

On the other hand, we had to meet some requirements imposed by the administration in terms of repopulating with trees part of the existing vegetation on the plot before being urbanized.

Our proposal was to use arboreal species characteristic of our climate such as olive trees, carob trees, pomegranates, cypresses, some fruit trees and plum trees (Prunus cerasifera “nigra”) to alternate colors.

We chose to use Arecastrum romanzoffianum or “garden coconut trees” and some groups of Washingtonia palms as tropical species, because they adapt very well to our climate and do not become the main prey of the beetle plague of palm trees. As a tropical complement we use Strelitzia augusta that holds the wind and proximity to the sea very well. To upholster and complement areas have been used all kinds of aromatic, Agapanthus africanus, creeping plants that protect from soil erosion and keeps the moisture, as well as Polígalas myrtifolias that are resistant and generous for their volume, in addition to providing color.

For the reception room, a main and stylish place, we proposed to build a high-rise plant wall. In this way, the welcome to the guests is completed with the warmth, colour and aromas of the selected vegetable for the vertical garden. The visual impact is impressive, and adds a differentiated space full of life, among the perfect straight lines of the hotel’s architecture.

The proposal is completed with the placement of artificial turf in all open areas without the possibility of natural landscaping because it is on forged underground facilities. The result is a garden aesthetically successful, colourful and functional, and low maintenance, which becomes very interesting for a hotel with high traffic and this category.