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The garden and the orchard are very grateful to receive organic fertilizers. The contribution of organic fertilizers also significantly improves the structure of the soil, which will directly and remarkably affect the sanitary and therefore visual state of the plant elements that make up our garden.  The fertilizers that we recommend are: manure (bovine, equine, gallinaceous, pork), mulch, compost, among others.  Pay care to the most aproppiate time of the year to fertilize dependind on the chemical composition of the products.

Regarding the contribution of chemical fertilizers, be careful not to add those with a high concentration of nitrogen. Nitrogen is indicated mainly for the growth of the plant, something that does not happen in winter since most of them, especially the deciduous ones, are in a state of vegetative rest. At this time to add an excess of nitrogen could even cause  pathological problems in the future. From VINAGRELLA JARDINS we recommend the use of fertilizers with low nitrogen content and high in potassium, especially in lawns. Potassium helps the good health of the plant. If we proceed  in this way, the plants and trees of our garden will be strong and healthy to develop everything they need in the spring. A good fertilizer for this time would be one of slow release formulated type 1-1-2 or the closest thing to this ratio, the ideal would be a 1-1-1; that is, the digit of the first position not larger than the third.